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Client Testimonials

“We finally collected our little Monty in July 22 after making contact with Steve the previous year. The wait was well worth it and he has settled wonderfully in to his new home with Archie and Oscar the cats. We visited Swansea twice before we got him and Steve was really helpful in the whole process and obviously loves his dogs and has great knowledge.

Monty has been fantastic since day one and is very confident, loving and clever. He also has his slightly naughty side with the shoe/ trainer collection he has going on in the garden. He is very laid back and we even sometimes have to wake him up in the morning as he sleeps so well!!

Everyone stops to see him on our walks and he is so affectionate. He has quickly become a beautiful addition to our family and we are so glad to have found a breeder like Steve.”

– Andy and Deborah Cook

“Hi Steve,
It’s been 2 years now since I collected our puppy from you. Elsie has become a central member of our family. We always recommend you to others who are looking for a schnauzer because you were so helpful and made the process smooth (even during COVID lockdowns!).
Thank you for helping us on our way to getting our first dog, who we couldn’t imagine being without.

Tim and Elin
Ps..she loves watching crufts and also anything with horses!”

– Tim and Elin Lewington

“We’ve had Poppy for 4 weeks now and she has fitted into our lives perfectly. The wait for our puppy was definitely worth it. Steve was happy for us to visit and be in contact with him as much as we wanted. Any questions i had Steve answered straight away and was extremely helpful.

Poppy is such a character, a little bundle of fun! Crate training her was so easy and she is sleeping through now till 5am without any accidents in her crate!

My 9 year old daughter and her are the best of friends. They’re always together and just having so much fun with each other.

I highly recommend Steve if you’re looking for a miniature schnauzer.
Thank you so much Steve, all the best.”

– Charlotte and Tim John
“We searched for a reputable breeder and found Steve on the KC site. After an initial call and some q’s from Steve on our lifestyle, garden etc we were invited to go meet up. Steve was incredibly welcoming and knowledgeable and clearly adores his dogs. Meeting them in person cemented for us that we’d found the right breed and breeder. We kept in touch over the following year making preparations and Steve put up with lots of questions and a couple more visits!

Luna was born on the early symmer full moon (hence the name) and we went to visit at just a few weeks old before bringing her home at 9 weeks. She settled in straight away, sleeping all night long and almost sorted toilet training. We felt brave enough to bring her away in our small caravan so, at 14 weeks she’s enjoying being centre stage in the Peak District! Luna is incredibly sociable, inquisitive, loving and is a very fast learner. After a few days exposure to other dogs, she’s stopped barking hello and instead just has a waggy greeting. She’s learnt that our cat, Archie, is the boss, for the time being!
We couldn’t be happier and are very grateful to Steve for his advice, open offer of support whenever and for growing us such a fabulous little pup, matched perfectly to our lives. Thanks Steve.”

– Rachel & Andy

“Just to let you know, Carlo has become a much loved member of the family. He’s always eager to go out on walks and see new things.
When he’s at home, he likes to spend a lot of time sitting on a stool by the front window, checking that all is well with the world.

He’s been all over the country with us in the caravan and people are always remarking what a lovely looking dog he is.
He’s even been up to the top of Pen y Fan with us.”

– Nigel and family
“We recently brought home Jesse who has brought joy back into our home. Not being local, Steve was excellent at sending us Pupdates with photos, Jesse is a beautiful natured Schnauzer which is a testament to Steve’s loving environment for his dogs. The puppy pack I came home with, gave me all the confidence I needed to ensure Jesse had a smooth transition from Wales to her new home.
I can’t recommend Steve and his family highly enough and will be forever grateful for the beautiful puppy that makes our family whole again.”

– Aston and Sara
“Hugo is a long awaited puppy for us, working full-time has stopped us from taking a dog into our lives. With a change in life circumstances, Eddie retiring, and myself working from home, we decided that this year would be the year for us.

I have known a couple of friends with miniature schnauzers and they were both such friendly, smart little dogs that I was drawn to the breed; Eddie took a bit more convincing as he is really a ‘big dog’ fan.

Then we found Steve online and Eddie called Steve. From that phone-call it was immediately clear, and reassuring, that Steve was both an expert on miniature schnauzers, and a reputable breeder. So we paid our deposit and arranged to visit him in a few weeks time.

The first visit was reassuring as Steve asked us lots of questions to make sure we could give a puppy the right kind of home, we arranged to return and collect Hugo when he turned 8 weeks old. When we went to collect Hugo it was clear he was a confident and happy little pup and Steve offered good advice on getting him home (we had a long journey to make with him). Steve also assured us that we could contact him with any concerns we might have for the rest of Hugo’s life (he may live to regret this offer as I have already taken him up on it a couple of times)!

Hugo is now 11 weeks old and a real bundle of both fun and puppy mischief; is a lovely little dog and is already established as a member of the family. Both Eddie and myself are looking forward to all the adventures we will be having with Hugo in the future.

I would recommend anyone thinking of taking a little schnauzer into their family to talk to Steve.”

– Eddie and Sally Otto
“Archie has been a part of our family for around 6 weeks now and we all absolutely adore him. We are so glad that we made the decision to get a dog from Steve at Eronel Schnauzers. He is such a sweet little dog, so affectionate and intelligent, he gets admired where ever he goes.

We started to look for a dog during the pandemic. Having never owned a dog as a family before we did our research and came to the conclusion that a mini schnauzer might suit our family. I suffer with allergies and we wanted an intelligent breed that wasn’t too big.

We started our hunt for a dog on the Internet but prices were going through the roof and we felt unsure of buying a dog advertised on the Internet. I found Steve’s number via Google and gave him a call. He invited us around a few days later and we were impressed by his dogs and his knowledge. We asked him a lot of questions and he asked us a few questions about ourselves and our lifestyle. We were they added to his waiting list.

We were thrilled to receive a telephone call from Steve in December to let us know that he had a puppy for us. He sent regular updates and photos and allowed us to visit before Archie came home.

Archie joined the family at the end of January and he has been a pleasure. Steve provided lots of helpful information, some food and other freebies. Archie is such a character and we are looking forward to him being part of our family for many years to come.

Thank you so much”

– Richard and Joanne Steadman and family
“I’m a first time dog owner and was quite anxious about taking the step to becoming one. I suffer with a lot of allergies so that was also a big concern as to whether I’d be able to get a dog. I came across Eronel online whilst searching for reputable breeders of hypoallergenic dogs. From the moment I spoke to Steve, I was so impressed and reassured. He suggested that I visit before making a decision, so checking my allergies with the schnauzers. I took my time to come to my decision and Steve was not pushy in the slightest. I now have my beautiful Beti and am so pleased to have chosen Eronel as you can see immediately that he cares so much for the dogs. They are happy and constantly wagging their tails so you can tell they have a very happy and healthy start to life. As a first time dog owner I’ve been so impressed with the after care. Steve has been in touch to check how things are going and I’ve also checked on things I’m not sure about with him and he’s always more than happy to help. I feel like I struck gold finding Eronel. Thank you Steve. Beti and I are having a lovely life together.”

– Gwennan Thomas

“We picked up our little boy Woody on the 10th October after a call from Steve saying a couple had dropped off his waiting list. We were so excited!! Steve is a lovely gentleman and has a wealth of information and experience and takes great pride in what he does and that shows through his pups.woody is a lovely pup great personality very affectionate loves cuddles starting taking him to the park now and meeting all his new friends. everybody stops and comments on what a lovely pup he is. Would highly recommend Steve if your looking for a schnauzer it was well worth the wait.
Caroline & Andy Woody xx”

– Caroline,Andy & Woody

It’s been little over a month now since we collected our Basil, and we just wanted to say how grateful we are to have found Steve! 

As first time dog parents we were incredibly nervous about finding a reputable breeder, however after speaking with Steve our nerves were instantly settled. You can tell that Steve genuinely cares about the welfare of his dogs and he was more than happy to answer any questions we had! For anyone wishing to own a miniature schnauzer I would highly recommend speaking to Steve!

Basil has brought us so much joy already. 

He’s very inquisitive and very sociable. He’s making us proud in his puppy classes and he never fails to make us laugh. 

He loves chasing leaves in the garden and asking for belly rubs first thing in the morning.


Thank you so much for allowing us to be paw-rents! We can’t wait for our future adventures!


Matt, Zoe & Basil!